Brand new to our line-up, are a variety of Clionadh Symbol earrings and a very special stained glass themed Cathedral Window pair. These are very lightweight, comfortable to wear and come in a variety of materials, including wood and acrylic for the Symbol Earrings. The wood earrings are solid, finished wood, not veneers. The hardware is an iron alloy that is hypoallergenic, nickel-free and plated.


There are three wood options available for the Symbol Earrings: maple (the lightest), cherry (the medium brown) and the rare purple heart wood. The purple heart wood Symbol Earrings have the option of gunmetal coloured hardware, or gold. This is a gold finish, not gold plating.


These earrings are handmade by a talented local artisan, Chris Sgouros. If you're interested in more of his work or a broader selection of handcrafted, wooden earrings, visit



The wood is a natural product, and as such, the colour and grain patterns may vary from piece to piece. While these are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, please be advised that some people may be hypersensitive to other metals contained in the hardware. We recommend wiping the hardware with an alcohol pad prior to wearing to remove any possible manufacturing oils or residue. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions.

Symbol Earrings - Purple Heart (Gold)

  • ~ Symbol Material: Wood, purple heart
    ~ Hardware: Plated iron alloy hook, gold finish.
    ~ Nickel-free
    ~ Hypoallergenic
    ~ Size: Symbol, 1" H (24mm), 13/16" W (21mm). Hook + Symbol, 1 7/8" (48mm).


Toronto, Ontario

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