There is a maximum purchase of 2 units per shadow SKU (per order) for all the new Stained Glass Collection. For example, you can purchase 2 of the shade "Spire", but not 3. This applies to bundle, single listings etc. Any purchased overage will be refunded and not fulfilled. Thank you for your understanding!


The "Stained Glass Collection" was inspired by the beautiful art of stained glass and the vibrant tones used to create these masterpieces. This collection consists of 92 multichrome shadows and includes four different formula types: Jewelled Multichromes, Iridescent Multichromes, Glitter Multichromes and Pastel Multichromes. For application tips, scroll down.


Our shadows are made with pure, high-grade cosmetic-approved pigments. We don’t use fillers in our product, only what is needed to bind the products.



Jewelled Multichromes

These are finely milled, ultra rich pigments. They have a black base and intense colour shifting reflects. They’re packed with a high pigment concentration, so the end result is a saturated, vibrantly shifting shadow.


This bundles contains 6 preselected shades from the Jewelled Multichromes that fill out the rainbow spectrum with minimal overlap.

This includes:

  • Gothic - Shifts from violet-pink-red-orange-gold.
  • Kiln - Shifts from burgundy-red-orange-gold.
  • Forge - Shifts from rose-orange-gold-lime-teal.
  • Patina - Shifts from gold-lime-emerald-turquoise.
  • Anneal - Shifts from emerald-turquoise-blue-indigo-violet.
  • Spire - Shifts from royal blue-violet-red-orange.



There is a bit of a learning curve to these shadows, but we promise the effect will be well worth it. Below are a series of application tips to help you use these gorgeous products. We recommend doing your eye makeup prior to the rest of your face, as there may be some fallout while applying.


Jewelled Multichromes

  • These pigments are a new type of technology. It doesn’t behave like a typical, mica-based metallic.
  • Apply over a dried-down primer. For optimal performance, apply over an unset primer. A tacky base (glitter glue) can also be used, but it is not necessary.
  • You can apply with your finger or a dense packing or shader brush, such as the ones from our Stained Glass Brush Collection.
  • Apply with patting motions instead of swiping.
  • You can foil the shadow while on the brush using a setting spray. We recommend using MAC Fix Plus, but any setting spray will work. This will help minimize fallout and increase intensity.
  • These shades blend out to a black base and lose their coloured shifts when blended too much. We recommend minimally buffing the edges of the shadow with a clean brush if you wish to soften them.
  • The greater the curvature of the surface these shadows are applied to (i.e. eyelid), the more prominent the coloured shifts will be. Thus, we recommend using a maximum of two shades on your eye to get the full payoff of each shade.
  • These also work great over top of black eyeliner for a more “wearable” multichrome look. We recommend applying your black eyeliner first and then laying the shadow on top in a thin layer to minimize fallout. You can spray the shadow with a setting spray on your liner brush or use a mixing medium for a smoother application.



To maximize the shelf life of your products, keep them stored in a dry, cool and sealed place, like an empty magnetic palette.


**Please Note**
While we try to capture photos of our products as true to life as possible, they may appear slightly different in person from photos due to variances in lighting.

Rainbow Set of Six

  • ~ 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
    ~ Good For: Face, Eyes, Lips and Body.
    ~ 100% Talc and Paraben-Free
    ~ 2.4cm x 2.1cm rectangular pan, 1.5g x6


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