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The Archeo Palette is a look at history through a contemporary lens. We were very much inspired by ruins and remnants of the past, things that have been left behind. Unlike its Paleo Palette counterpart, this palette has six matte shades and six shimmers/metallics. The entire palette is painted and created by hand with love to mimic the archaeic aesthetic of our theme.


We divided the palette into thematic quads for potential eye looks. We are happy to say that the wonderful Angelica Nyqvist will be collaborating with us and creating eye looks based on these quads which will be showcased on the packaging.


"Ritual Quad"

MONOLITH: A warm, nude tea rose matte shadow.

DEAD SEA: A dusky, royal blue matte shadow.

GLYPH: A duochrome shadow with a medium purple base and a strong blue shift.

SUNDIAL: A metallic, burnished gold shadow with lots of dimension and reflectivity.


"Excavation Quad"
EROSION: A rich, sandstone orange matte shadow.

NOMAD: A silky, buttercup yellow matte shadow.
NEO: A metallic aqua shadow.

SULFUR: A shimmery, lemon yellow shadow with subtle glitter.


"Topography Quad"
FRAGMENT: A peachy-pink nude matte shadow.

LICHEN: A a muted, grey-green matte shadow.

TERRAIN: A super unique, grungy, lime green shadow.

ARTIFACT: A metallic red-bronze shadow. It has a super opaque and silky finish, and contains a little bit of sparkle.


Store in a cool, preferably sealed place.

Archeo Palette

  • ~ 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

    ~ Good For: Face and Eyes (some not intended for lips)

    ~ 100% Talc and Paraben-Free

    ~ 26mm x 12, 1.7g pan


Toronto, Ontario

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