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This listing contains both the Archeo and Paleo Palettes.


"Ritual Quad"

MONOLITH: A warm, nude tea rose matte shadow.

DEAD SEA: A dusky, royal blue matte shadow.

GLYPH: A duochrome shadow with a medium purple base and a strong blue shift.

SUNDIAL: A metallic, burnished gold shadow with lots of dimension and reflectivity.


"Excavation Quad"
EROSION: A rich, sandstone orange matte shadow.

NOMAD: A silky, buttercup yellow matte shadow.
NEO: A metallic aqua shadow.

SULFUR: A shimmery, lemon yellow shadow with subtle glitter.


"Topography Quad"
FRAGMENT: A peachy-pink nude matte shadow.

LICHEN: A muted, grey-green matte shadow.

TERRAIN: A super unique, grungy, lime green shadow.

ARTIFACT: A metallic red-bronze shadow. It has a super opaque and silky finish, and contains a little bit of sparkle.


Ice Age Row

GLACIAL: A beautiful shimmery, icy, pale blue.
ARCTIC WATERS: A gorgeous metallic teal with hints of lime green.
FOSSIL: A dark, dusty purple with a cool undertone, perfect for a smokey eye or darkening the crease.
CRYSTALLINE: A purple-to-turquoise-green duochrome.
FISSURE: Our superfoil formula, it's like chrome for your eyelids.

TRENCH: A satin navy blue, beautiful for a smokey eye.

Meteor Storm Row

TECTONIC: A beautiful terra cotta satin.
EPOCH: A shimmery light cream with iridescent coral, a perfect tranformer shade over dark colours. It can also be used as an inner corner or brow bone highlight.
MOLTEN: A tangerine to gold duochrome.

ARCHAEA: A metallic mossy green, inspired by the microorganisms which inhabit extreme environments.

PANGEA: A middle ground matte shade between the ever-popular mustard and camel shades.

CRATER: A smokey brown fiery shimmer.


Store in a cool, preferably sealed place.

Archeo + Paleo Palette Bundle

  • ~ 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

    ~ Good For: Face and Eyes (some not intended for lips)

    ~ 100% Talc and Paraben-Free

    ~ 26mm x 24, 1.7g pan


Toronto, Ontario

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