This collection comes with all eight shades from the "Aftershock - High Voltage" Collection in 36mm pans. These are the pans only, there is no palette included in this bundle. These are iridescent highlighters, which mean they have an invisible base and a bright coloured reflect.



Spark: the perfect pink iridescent, not too red, not too purple.


Fuse: a warm-toned coral iridescent.


Electrocute: a peach that shifts golden in some light.


Circuit: a vivid, metallic yellow-gold iridescent.

High Voltage: a vivid, metallic lime green that shifts a truer green in some light.


Current: a bright turquoise with aqua tones.


Breaker: a blue-toned purple that shifts to a warmer violet in some light.


Ohm: a pearl-metallic that shifts from an icy blue to magenta.


Store in a cool, preferably sealed place. Magnetic palettes are recommended.

Aftershock 8 Shade Bundle

  • ~ 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free

    ~ Good For: Face, Eyes, Lips, Body

    ~ 100% Talc and Paraben-Free

    ~ 36mm pan x8


Toronto, Ontario

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