There is a maximum purchase of 2 units per shadow SKU (per order) for all the new Stained Glass Collection. For example, you can purchase 2 of the shade "Spire", but not 3. This applies to bundle, single listings etc. Any purchased overage will be refunded and not fulfilled. Thank you for your understanding!


The "Stained Glass Collection" was inspired by the beautiful art of stained glass and the vibrant tones used to create these masterpieces. This collection consists of 92 multichrome shadows and includes four different formula types: Jewelled Multichromes, Iridescent Multichromes, Glitter Multichromes and Pastel Multichromes.


Our shadows are made with pure, high-grade cosmetic-approved pigments. We don’t use fillers in our product, only what is needed to bind the products.



These are part way between our Jewelled and Glitter Multichrome formulas. They behave more like the small/medium particle glitters, but with the tones of our Jewelled Multichromes. They are buildable to allow for a slight wash of sparkle over the lid or transforming shadows, but can also be packed on for full saturation. Since these don’t have a black base (“Embroidery” is the darkest but it’s still not Jewelled Multichrome level), they are more everyday user-friendly and great for all ages and skin tones.


This bundle contains all 8 shades from this range.



  • Medieval: Has a warm brown base that shifts indigo-violet-red-orange; with medium-sized glitter particles.
  • Rose Line: Has a brown base that shifts of pinky-rose to orange and yellow; with medium-sized glitter particles.
  • Mosaic: Has a brown base that shifts pink-orange-gold-lime, with small-sized glitter particles.
  • Heiress: Has a burnt orange base that shifts peach/orange-yellow-lime, with medium-sized glitter particles.
  • Chalice: Has a burnt orange base that shifts yellow/lime-silver-red, and medium-sized glitter particles.
  • Embroidery: Has a grey base that shifts lime-blue with hints of purple, and small to medium-sized glitter particles.
  • Shard: Has a brown base that shifts turquoise-indigo-violet-red and hints of orange; with small to medium-sized glitter particles.
  • Tapestry: Has a grey base that shifts blue-indigo-violet, with small-sized glitter particles.



    To maximize the shelf life of your products, keep them stored in a dry, cool and sealed place, like an empty magnetic palette.


    **Please Note**
    While we try to capture photos of our products as true to life as possible, they may appear slightly different in person from photos due to variances in lighting.

    Hybrid Multichrome Bundle (8 pc.)

    • ~ 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
      ~ Good For: Face, Eyes, Body.
      ~ 100% Talc and Paraben-Free
      ~ 2.4cm x 2.1cm rectangular pan, 1.5g x8


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