Thirteen magical new shades inspired by fantasy and dreamscapes. This is a single eyeshadow bundle and does not come with a palette. It contains: 4 metallics, 3 duochromes, 1 shimmer, 1 transformer, 3 mattes, 1 soft matte.




  • LIGHT CHASER is a bright cool-toned beige with notes of silver and a reflective, metallic finish. It also makes for a great highlighter. (NEW)
  • UTOPIA is a shimmery, pale pink to blue duochrome. It has a more sheer base, so it can be used as an eyeshadow topper or on its own. It can also be used as a highlighter. (NEW)
  • TALISMAN is a shimmery warm, medium-toned pink with an icy, metallic finish. (NEW)
  • CHARMED is a warm, salmon-coloured matte. It will blend out a tad more orange. (NEW)
  • INFERNO is a deep red soft matte with a berry undertone and gold shimmer. (NEW)
  • BON-BON is a rich berry metallic with a cool purple reflect. Was available as part of the "Valentine's Vault".
  • LOFTY is a lilac duochrome with a blue shift. Also makes for a great highlighter. (NEW)
  • HEX is a mid-toned purple duochrome with a gold reflect. Also available as part of the "Witchcraft vs. Alchemy" duochrome collection.
  • DAYDREAM is a pale lilac matte. Also available as part of the "Storytime" matte bundle.
  • TUNDRA is a sky-blue matte. Also available as part of the "66.5°N" collection.
  • ICEBERG has a minty-blue base and a slight gold shift. Very bright, very reflective. Also available as part of the "66.5°N" collection.
  • ORB is a beautiful green transformer with a lime green shift. It has a similar formula to “Cryosphere” from the 66.5° N Collection, as in it has a semi sheer base and vibrant reflect. Can be used as a topper or on its own. (NEW)
  • CLAIRVOYANCE is a turquoise duochrome that shifts light green. Also available as part of the "Witchcraft vs. Alchemy" duochrome collection.

Like a couple shades from the 66.5° N Collection, “Inferno” and “Charmed” also contain pigments which are not FDA approved for use on the immediate eye area. It is, however, approved for eye-use in Europe. Please use your discretion when deciding whether or not to purchase and use this item.

In many cases, these brighter pigments are not FDA approved because they may dye the skin, not necessarily because they are an irritant (hence why it is approved in Europe). As we all know, each of us is unique and may react differently to any ingredient, so use your discretion when purchasing and using. We recommend doing a patch test beforehand.



Store in a cool, preferably sealed place. Magnetic palettes are recommended.


**Please Note**
While we try to capture photos of our products as true to life as possible, they may appear slightly different in person from photos due to variances in lighting.

Patterns may not be identical to photos since we hand pour each product, and therefore each one is unique.

Dreamweaver Bundle

  • ~ 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
    ~ Good For: (+/-) Face, Eyes, Lips and Body. Please see individual product pages.
    ~ 100% Talc and Paraben-Free
    ~ 26mm, 1.7g pan x13


Toronto, Ontario

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