The Valentine's Vault is here. A colourful collection full of themed shadows, highlighters and blushes perfect for glamming up date night (or any occasion really). Soft, bold, metallic, matte, glitter, duochrome - there's something for everyone in the Vault. So why don't you come take a look?


Hard Candy Highlight Trio
POPPING ROCKS: A pink lemonade base, with a reflective gold shift.

SWEET TART: A light peach base with a strong blue shift.

JAW BREAKER: A lilac base with a pale blue shift.


The Florals Cheek Trio

POLLEN: A light peach-orange.
PETAL: A medium blossom pink.
LONG STEM: A deep crimson.



Store in a cool, preferably sealed place. Magnetic palettes are recommended.


**Please Note**
While we try to capture photos of our products as true to life as possible, they may appear slightly different in person from photos due to variances in lighting.

Patterns may not be identical to photos since we hand pour each product, and therefore each one is unique.

Cheek & Highlight Duo

  • ~ 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
    ~ Good For: Hard Candy Highlight Trio - Face, Eyes, Body // The Florals Cheek Trio - Eyes, Face (Not Lips or Eyes)
    ~ 100% Talc and Paraben-Free
    ~ 36mm, 3.3g pan x6 plus two mini palettes


Toronto, Ontario

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